Sports Authority Gujarat signed an MOU with TCLL to impart training for skill development for aspiring athletes across Gujarat.
Jun 17, 2018
Sports Authority Gujarat signed an MOU with TCLL to impart training for skill development for aspiring athletes across Gujarat.

The Sports Authority Gujarat recently signed an MOU with Times Centre for Learning Limited (TCLL) to impart training for personality and skill development for aspiring athletes across Gujarat.

Sports is one of the most loved activities in our country today. Everyone has a favorite sport right from football, tennis, athletics, gymnastics, and archery to cricket, hockey, table tennis and swimming. They are no more pursued merely for fitness or recreational purposes but for professional achievement.

To take these sports to the next level, sports bodies and administrations are paying special attention to not just the physical fitness, coaching, infrastructure, and facilities, but also the psychological make-up of the sports-persons to help them manage their game and become true sportsmen in the process.

Sports Authority Gujarat has partnered with TCLL to address these issues beginning by training over 2000 young and aspiring athletes across Gujarat in areas such as Nadiad, Anand, Tapi, Porbandar, Surat and Himmat Nagar. The participants in this first-of-its-kind summer training camp will be selected using an enlisting process. The athletes who have achieved significant performances at the city, district levels or at any championship will be shortlisted for participation in this rigorous training camp to be conducted over 3 months.

The holistic objective of this exercise is to inculcate a feeling of ownership and accomplishment about their respective sport among these athletes while psychologically preparing them for their challenging way ahead.

The summer camp shall be conducted by reputed, national and international experts and coach. It covers aspects such as motivation, developing self-confidence and enhancing mental ability in crunch situations, personal hygiene, good citizenship, safety and self-defense, learning sportsmanship and sports etiquettes, education about general knowledge in sports, aerobics, child psychology, and yoga.

At the culmination of training the sports-persons will be awarded certificates marking completion of the summer training camp. These will be co-branded by both TCLL and the Sports Authority of Gujarat.

Being a first-of-its-kind summer training camp for athletes in Gujarat, this partnership promises to pave the way for more such camps across India in the future.