| Additional Skill Acqusition Programme in Kerala



Additional Skill Acquissiton Programme is an initiative of the Government of Kerala to impart skill training to the Higher Secondary and Undergraduate students of the state. The major aim of the programme is to empower the young community of the state through skill training.

The initiative is implemented jointly by the Higher Education, General Education, Labour and Local Self Government Departments of Kerala. The initiative was started in 2011.



The objectives of the project are:

  • to create employment opportunities to unemployed youth in Kerala and to enhance the skill sets of the labour force in general, emphasizing industry linkages

  • to enhance the employability of the students graduating from regular academic courses by introducing additional skill acquisition programmes along with the regular studies

  • to integrate and scale up the programmes to impart low-end skills as well as to equip semi-skilled / unskilled workforce in a mission mode institutionalized approached.


Sectors covered

At present, ASAP covers about 23 skill sectors.


Components of the programme

The major components of the program are Foundation module, Skill Course and internship.

The foundation module program mainly contain a 180 hours hours of program where the students get exposed with English speaking skill and basic skill of Computer. The training also focus on personality development of the student.

The idea of skill course is to impart skill training in different sectors including Hospitality, Beauty and wellness, construction, Plumbing, agriculture, Food Processing, Media and Entertainment etc. The students will be given training in any of the skill course based on the interest and aptitude.

The idea of internship is to impart the live skills required to sustain in current job market. It acts as a linkage between market and the text book. The students get exposed to market procedures and trends. It helps them to be updated with the present requirement.

ASAP also attempts to provide placement assistance for the students.An exclusive Job portal has also been launched for this purpose.

A 360 degree shift in thinking pattern, attitude, behavoiur and confidence level of students is an assurance from ASAP.

Source : http://asapkerala.gov.in/